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Mid - High Net Worth Home Insurance -Thatched Property Insurance

Flats Insurance - Let Property Insurance - Commercial Let Insurance


To select the right Insurance Policy to suit your needs, whether for your Home or Business it is important to talk to the experts. We at Crown Insurance Consultants have many years experience arranging Let Property Insurance Policies for our clients. We have many different products and schemes to suit all types of Property, from the simplest to the most difficult to place. Holiday Home Insurance is becoming increasingly popular. As people buy Second Homes for both Investment and letting purposes the market is now attracting many more Insurers to Underwrite this type of House Insurance. 

High Net Worth Home Insurance for Executive Style Houses is suitable for homes where the Rebuild value of the House in in excess of £250,000 and Contents are in excess of £75,000 with valuable Antiques and Jewellery Cover. View our High Net Worth Policy Page for further details                                                                    

We are Commercial & Residential Let Property Insurance specialists. Whether you own or rent a Large Expensive House, a Thatched Property which demands a suitable Insurance Policy because it's Unique, Unusual or of a very High Value, we have the solution to suit your requirements. Blocks of Flats, it is especially crucial to have suitable cover because of the complexity of Legal Demands placed upon the Let Property Owner. Houses Converted into Flats are especially vulnerable to water claims, pipes may have been hidden behind new walls during the Conversion, a Trace & Access section to the policy is essential.

For the Professional Landlord who has a mixed Portfolio of Commercial Lets which could include Offices, Retail, Warehouse & Industrial Units, having the right Insurance Policy is paramount as not only rent could be at risk in the event of a claim, but your tenants business is also at risk.



We can quote for a wide selection of Commercial Trades and Uses, Multi Tenure Properties, Unoccupied, & Non Standard Construction.  

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