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Landlord Let Property Insurance - Unoccupied Property Insurance

Specialists in Cheap Landlord Let Property Insurance

Crown Insurance have many years of experience in Landlord Let Property Insurance. Whether you are a Landlord with a Large Portfolio or just own one Buy to Let Property, we can help you select a Landlord Let Property Insurance to suit you.

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We have extensive facilities for all kinds of Let Home Property Insurance. If you are looking for a Landlord Let Property Insurance, regardless of the type of Tenant, or if your property is Unoccupied or a Holiday Home, click onto a suitable link below.

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Landlord Let Property Insurance

Insurance for Let Property usually requires special Insurance cover as you have to protect your tenant for claims against you. Landlords that have Insurance for more than one Let Property would normally have a Portfolio Insurance that covers all their properties under the one Let Property Insurance contract. It would help to quote for cheaper property Insurance.

The Landlord Let Property Insurance has the following covers:

Building Insurance/Landlord Contents Insurance/Property Owners Liability /Loss of Rent

At sometime the property may become temporary unoccupied in between tenants. With Landlord Insurance this is easily covered under the terms of the Insurance policy. Should the building require some renovation before new tenants move in the Insurance policy will provide temporary unoccupied cover.

Landlord Contents Insurance would cover for the loss of White Goods, Curtains, Carpets blinds and any other furniture for use by the tenant.

Property Owners Liability Insurance is your Legal Liability Cover in the event of a tenant having an accident whilst within the property which could be deemed to be the fault of the Property Owner.

Loss of Rent Insurance is in case the rented property becomes uninhabitable by Fire, Flood or some other insured Peril.

Single Let Flat. Most insurers will not Insure a Single Flat in a block, however we have access to those Insurance Companies that will offer Insurance cover.

Owners and Tenant Sharing. Most Insurers shy away from this situation, however we feel it presents a much better risk for any Insurance Company to consider and we have access to those Insurance Companies that will offer Insurance cover.

Holiday Home Lets Should you be fortunate enough to own a second property and let it out to Friends & Relatives we can offer Insurance for a very reasonable premium without losing valuable Insurance cover.

Building Insurance/Landlords Contents Insurance/Property Owners Liability /Loss of Rent

Professional Let Insurance/Student Let Insurance/Bed sit Insurance/Single Let Flats

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